Foundational Training

Request a 2-hour core training for your agency

Our 2-hour core trainings are great for service providers looking to provide essential training to their staff on providing culturally responsive care to LGBTQ+ survivors, learning best practices, and providing tangible skills building. This training covers:

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression 101 

  • Best practices around the use of culturally responsive terminology and language
  • Core concepts of LGBTQ+ spectrums of identity
  • The significance of pronouns and best practices around pronoun usage

The Impact of Oppression and Stigma

  • How intersectionality, oppression, and privilege impact LGBTQ+ survivors of IPV’s experiences of violence and healing
  • How systems of oppression function to keep LGBTQ+ survivors trapped in abusive relationships
  • Best practice guidance around creating inclusive spaces that are welcoming to LGBTQ+ survivors

Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Understanding the unique and specific issues that LGBTQ+ survivors face
  • Understanding identity abuse and how to address it in work with survivors
  • Understanding how to address, safety plan, and work to overcome barriers around systemic barriers that LGBTQ+ survivors face