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Engaging Men on Campus: Targeting Outreach Efforts Toward Transition-Age Youth Experiencing SA

April 23rd 10am to 12pm PST

Men, especially queer and trans men, are often left out of conversations about safety on college campuses. Join the National LGBTQ+ Institute on IPV and John Roberts of In Our Own Voices for a discussion on the high rates of sexual violence experienced by men on campuses and recommendations for bringing their voices to prevention spaces . Email for more information. 

We Never Give Up the Fight: A Report of the National Women’s Community Survey

April 29th 9am to 10:30am PST

The Los Angeles LGBT Center, in partnership with Justice Work and 120 partner organizations, has released the findings from the largest and most comprehensive survey on LGBTQ+ women who partner with women in the United States. The study “We Never Give Up the Fight”: A Report of the National LGBTQ+ Women’s Community Survey,” aims to celebrate the expansiveness of its community, and use its findings to strengthen our movements, shift policy agendas, and increase funding streams where needed. The report analyzes the responses of 5,002 LGBTQ+ women who answered nearly 170 questions in a national community survey fielded from June 2021–June 2022. There are a variety of subjects covered within this report including an in-depth look at intimate partner violence within the LGBTQ+ community.

Join the National LGBTQ+ Institute on IPV as we host Jaime M. Grant to discuss the findings of this study and its implications for the DV/SA field.

Email for more information. 

Serving & Supporting LGBTQ Survivors of Domestic Violence

May 7th, 10am to 12pm PST

Our 2-hour core trainings are great for service providers looking to provide essential training to their staff on providing culturally responsive care to LGBTQ+ survivors, learning best practices, and providing tangible skills building. This training covers: 

  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression 101
  • The Impact of Oppression and Stigma
  • Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBTQ+ Community

Este taller interactivo de 2 horas está diseñado para equipar a los proveedores de servicios de violencia doméstica con información esencial sobre las experiencias únicas y específicas de los sobrevivientes LGBTQ de violencia de pareja íntima.

Los participantes se irán con un mayor conocimiento de las mejores prácticas básicas para brindar servicios culturalmente sensibles a las personas LGBTQ y herramientas y estrategias para reducir las barreras y brindar apoyo intencional en torno a los desafíos únicos que enfrentan los sobrevivientes LGBTQ.

Building Financial Security and Safety with LGBTQ Survivors

May 23rd, 10am to 12pm PST

This interactive workshop will explore building financial safety and wellness for LGBTQ+ survivors. Participants will learn about how LGBTQ+ survivors are impacted by economic harm in relationships, strategies for building financial autonomy, healing our relationships around finances and economic trauma, and building on economic strengths. This workshop is open to service providers, survivors, and community members.

This workshop will be delivered by Free From, an organization dedicated to creating tools, resources, and environments to support survivors’ collective economic and community power. The Free From team is made up of queer, trans, im/migrant, and BIPOC survivors. Free From’s mission is to envision a world in which all survivors are able to build the wealth and financial security necessary to support their individual, intergenerational, and community healing—enabling them to thrive.

Safety Planning to Support Latin@ LGBTQIA2S+ Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

June 20th, 10am to 12pm PST

There is a critical need to highlight the intersection of cultural needs, health, and the well-being of Latin@ LGBTQIA2S+ survivors in violence prevention, treatment, and safety planning. Latin@ LGBTQIA2S+ survivors face unique and specific factors that shape their experiences in navigating safety and obtaining resources.
Esperanza United and the Los Angeles LGBT Center are coming together to facilitate this training for service providers and advocates on how to effectively safety plan with LGBTQIA2S+ Latin@ survivors while accounting for nuances and lived realities.

August 19th to 23rd, 2024

The LGBTQ+ Survivor Leadership Summit will bring together fifteen LGBTQ+ survivors of domestic violence from across the country to provide collaborative space for knowledge sharing and leadership development trainings in order to advocate for systemic, social, and legal change. The LGBTQ+ Survivor Leadership Summit, a project of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, was created to holistically support survivors through trauma-informed skills building, networking, and community led approaches. The Summit is open to all LGBTQ+ survivors.

The LGBTQ+ Leadership Summit will host workshops from Monday August 19th, 2024, to Friday August 23rd, 2024- this includes travel days. Travel will be paid for and an additional $2,000 stipend will be awarded to chosen applicants. 

LGBTQ+ BIPOC, Midwestern, Southern, disabled, and transgender applicants are encouraged to apply, your input is valuable and necessary.

Applications due May 7th, 2024.

La Cumbre de Liderazgo de Sobrevivientes LGBTQ+ reunirá a quince sobrevivientes LGBTQ+ de violencia doméstica de todo el país para brindar un espacio colaborativo para el intercambio de conocimientos y capacitaciones de desarrollo de liderazgo con el fin de abogar por un cambio sistémico, social y legal. La Cumbre de Liderazgo de Sobrevivientes LGBTQ+, un proyecto del Centro LGBT de Los Ángeles se creó para apoyar de manera integral a los sobrevivientes a través del desarrollo de habilidades informadas sobre el trauma, la creación de redes y enfoques dirigidos por la comunidad. La Cumbre está abierta a todxs los sobrevivientes LGBTQ+.

La Cumbre de Liderazgo LGBTQ+ organizará talleres desde el lunes 19 de agosto de 2024 hasta el viernes 23 de agosto de 2024, esto incluye días de viaje. Se pagarán los viajes y se otorgará una compensación adicional de $2,000 a los solicitantes seleccionados.

 Se anima a los solicitantes LGBTQ+ BIPOC (negro/a/x, Indigena, y minorías étnicas) del Medio Oeste, del Sur, discapacitados y transgénero a presentar su solicitud, su opinión es valiosa y necesaria.

Fecha de entrega es el 7 de Mayo de 2024.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor de envíar al correo electrónico: