Breaking barriers podcast

Breaking Barriers is a podcast created to give voice to best practices that enhance the safety, well-being, support, and health of LGBTQ intimate partner violence survivors throughout the country. LGBTQ+ people experience intimate partner violence at higher rates than non-LGBTQ+ people, with transgender people, bisexual women, and LGBTQ+ communities of color at particularly high risk. Yet LGBTQ+ people are often not accessing supportive services. We can be the solution to make sure LGBTQ+ survivors are receiving culturally relevant services that meet their unique and specific needs. Tune in now to be part of the conversation.

episode 1: understanding lgbtq domestic violence

In this episode of the podcast, host Amanda Gould is joined by Terra Russell-Slavin, Tandra LaGrone, and Audacia Ray. These three amazing leaders represent partner agencies that are doing important work here at the National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence. Terra is the Chief Impact Officer at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Tandra is the CEO of In Our Own Voices, and Audacia is the Director of Community Organizing and Public Advocacy at the New York City Anti-Violence Project. Together, they discuss the work their organizations are doing to make a positive impact in the world. Tune in to hear their insights and perspectives.


In this critical episode of “Breaking Barriers”, host Amanda Gould sits down with Krista Coló n, the Senior Director of Public Policy for the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. With a focus on the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) and the looming threat of federal budget cuts, this conversation aims to enlighten our audience on the potential impacts these financial changes could have on survivors, especially within underserved and LGBTQ communities. Krista, with her extensive background in advocacy and policy change, shares her insights into the importance of VOCA funding, the dire consequences of budget reductions, and the ongoing efforts to protect these vital resources.