The connection between domestic violence and violence against the transgender community is too often not addressed. As we reflect on the lives we have lost during Transgender Day of Remembrance each year, it is impossible not to see how many lives were lost due to violence committed by a partner. Too often, strategies towards addressing intimate partner violence committed against transgender people are created by people outside of the community with no lived experience or understanding of the unique and specific experiences of transgender survivors. 

The TransFormative Solutions to Intimate Partner Violence Advisory Council is a project of Trans Wellness Center and the National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence, this would be a working group with the goal of developing strategies to address intimate partner violence (IPV) against the transgender community by creating resources by and for the community. The Advisory Council works to identify areas of policy advocacy and community engagement to prevent violence and proactively create stronger systems of support for transgender survivors of IPV. This Advisory Council pulls together transgender leaders across the country to give perspective, insight, and expertise towards creating tangible resources including safety planning guides, community safety strategies, and policy recommendations. 

From our Advisory Council, the idea of the Trans Love is Visible campaign was born. For Trans Day of Visibility, March 31st, the National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence is launching a campaign called “Trans Love is Visible”. This is a project developed by and for trans community highlighting trans healthy, loving, and respectful relationships. Healthy relationships are relationships with honesty, trust, respect, and open communication. There is not enough representation and visibility of trans healthy relationships out there, and we want to show that trans love is real, possible, and can absolutely be healthy and beautiful!

To learn more about what makes relationships healthy, you can visit, the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s guide:

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