Integrate economic and educational access and empowerment into domestic violence (DV) advocacy, particularly for transgender survivors.

Rethink pro-arrest policies and criminal justice reform using historic, current, and emerging knowledge from diverse sources in the DV field.

Ensure that all referrals to 911 and law enforcement are informed, individual, and based on reasonable expectation of benefit in the specific situation.

Improve privacy as a strategy to increase LGBTQ access to existing domestic violence (DV) shelter programs.

Direction regarding mandatory reporting and youth.

Ensure family-provider wages and benefits in order to recruit and retain qualified staff members from diverse LGBTQ communities.

Compensate LGBTQ organizations for their expertise.

Involve, learn from, and build the leadership of LGBTQ youth.

Build evidence base for effective LGBTQ community domestic violence interventions, programs, and approachs.

Thank you to NW Network and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, who previously operated the National LGBTQ Institute on IPV, for generously making available many of these resources.